Competition Cabinet Model


This smoker is practically identical to our backyard cabinet model, but at 30 square feet of cooking area, it is excellent for catering, competition, or just large parties.

  • It takes up a minimal amount of space on your patio for its’ generous cooking area, which is as much as our larger offset smoker.
  • It uses far less wood with it’s direct heat design.
  • The racks can be slid out, or they can be removed completely so smoke isn’t blowing in your face during basting or wrapping.
  • The bottom rack runs 50F hotter than the top, but can be moved up easily for even cooking.
  • The heat shield deflects the heat and moves it up the sides of the cabinet, thus avoiding meat exposed directly to the fire.
  • The heavy doors shut tightly due to our threaded, welded hinges and the design of our latch.


  • Meat Compartment is  48″w x 30″d x 32″h
  • Firebox is 18″w x 16″d x30″h

Tax Not Included

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