Chest Model


This smoker is constructed of all 3/16″ steel.  It is a reverse flow design, with a two-plate, adjustable heat shield.  The door is counter-weighted for easy opening.

You can adjust the temperature anywhere on the racks by moving the plates.  By leaving the first plate against the firebox end of the cooking chamber and a 1 1/2″ gap between the plates, the rack runs at an even temperature.  Heat shields can be removed entirely and repaved with a grill rack to confer to a charcoal grill.  The smoker comes with 3 racks; 2 for the meat compartment and one for the firebox to allow air flow under the fire.  All the racks are made from square tubing and expanded steel.  The ______ square feet of cooking area is great for the backyard.


  • Meat Compartment is  32″l x 24″w x 16″h
  • Firebox is 20″w x 11″w x 15″h

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