Center Firebox Model

$1250 – $2350

The center firebox smoker is an adaption from our cabinet smoker.  It is made from 24″ diameter, 1/4″ steel pipe.  The firebox goes clear through the center with a pipe baffle across the top to deflect the heat to the ends.  This gives you an even rack temperature.  An advantage of this design is it’s very easy on the wood supply, but it does require frequent checking of the fire and feeding wood in small quantities.  It works best with our smoke blower option.  The smoker comes with 3 racks; two for the meat compartment and one for the firebox.


  • Cabinet Meat Compartment is  24″d x 48″ or 60″ long
  • Firebox is 14″w  x 16″h x  24″h


  • $1250.00 For the 24″ x 48″
  • $1350.00 For the 24″ x 60″

Tax Not Included

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