Backyard Cabinet Model


This smokers is entirely made from 3/16″ steel and has a lot of nice features.

  • It takes up a minimal amount of space on your patio for its’ generous cooking area, which is as much as our larger offset smoker.
  • It uses far less wood with it’s direct heat design.
  • The racks can be slid out, or they can be removed completely so smoke isn’t blowing in your face during basting or wrapping.
  • The bottom rack runs 50F hotter than the top, but can be moved up easily for even cooking.
  • The heat shield deflects the heat and moves it up the sides of the cabinet, thus avoiding meat exposed directly to the fire.
  • The heavy doors shut tightly due to our threaded, welded hinges and the design of our latch.


  • Meat Compartment is  24″w x 16″d x 32″h
  • Firebox is 12″w x 16″d x14″h

Tax not Included

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