24″ Diameter Offset Firebox Models, 36″, 48″, or 60″

$850.00 – $1175

The offset smoker is a common design, still liked and used by millions of people  A problem these smokers frequently have is that they run hot on the firebox end. Some cooks deal with it by placement of food on the racks, but this problem can be solved by the reverse flow process.

Adding a stack to the firebox end and using 3 plates whose position can be adjusted by sliding back and forth leaving gaps in between as needed, you can get the smoker to run at an even temperature.

This modification for reverse flow can be done for an additional $100.00 on any length smoker.

These smokers last a lifetime due to our 1/4″ wall steel pipe and our 3/16″ wall fire boxes.  By using steel pipe for the basic shape, the doors will fit tightly, unlike competitors rolled steel material.  The door is counter weighted for easy opening, and it stays open easily for access to the meat.  It comes with one heat shield and 3 racks; 2 in the meat compartment and on in the firebox.  All are made of square tubing and expanded steel.  We try keeping the basic mode on hand, and any extras can be added for a price.


  • Meat Compartment is  36″long x 24″deep  or 48″l x 24″w  or 60″l x 24″w
  • Firebox is 20″w x 11″w x 15″h on 36″ model
  • 14″w  x 16″h x  24″h on 48″ & 60″ models


  • $850.00 plus tax For 3′ model Reverse flow modification extra
  • $1075.00 plus tax For 4′ model Reverse flow modification extra
  • $1175.00 plus tax For 5′ model Reverse flow modification extra

Tax Not Included

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